2014 Flying Pig Marathon Race Recap: God In Heart, God In Soul, God In Spirit



Race Recap In Pictures


Usually I would have something to write about, but this time I don’t have much to say. In all honesty my laptop broke after the marathon and I notice after a few days past the event I get writers block. Instead I would like to list 10 thoughts I have about this race and just leave it at that. 

1. This Marathon had the best spectators of all the marathons I have ever ran so far. 

2. At the last mile of my marathon the thoughts came through my head…God In Heart, God In Soul, God In Spirit…and I just chanted this to the finish. 

3. I read 3 race recaps before running this race and it helped me tremendously become an actual finisher. Find them here, here and here.

4. I think traveling is just as exciting as running the marathon, but running a marathon makes traveling worth the experience.

5. Although traveling greyhound makes these races affordable, I had to keep my guard up! 

6. This race was fast, but slow. In other words runners passed me very fast the whole way through, while I ran slowly. 

7. At one point of the race I felt like I was flying. 

8. Mile 25 felt like more that just one mile. 

9. My Garmin did not pick up a signal. 

10. I did not pace myself until the last 7 or so miles. I just ran free, and that was fun. 

Finish time 4:24 

Next Marathon: Delaware 


    • linie38 says

      This race was so exciting at times I ran inconstantly until towards the end, with crowds cheering you can’t help but want to run faster!

    • linie38 says

      Well everyone has their own definition of fun…I would say I am a gluten for punishment so torturing myself for 26.2 miles is my kind of fun…I do want to get better at it though lol

    • linie38 says

      Yes! You are so right! But I would rather not get into the gross detail…and the negativity….so post will not go up lol !

    • linie38 says

      So true…if you call an average pace of 10:00 per mile running…for some that would be a very fast walk…anything is possible, just believe in yourself.

  1. says

    Great race! You’re well on your way to the 50 state list now. Very cool.

    You should think about the Hatfield/McCoy marathon. it covers either West Virginia or Kentucky but it’s a tough, beautiful course. Summer marathon, it was my first back in 2009.
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