Did Becoming Vegan Make Me A Faster Runner?


The truth Is I don’t know. First things first. Please go like this page, once you like and read about it you will see why and wear your running shoes to work on Monday. I am a brand new vegan and I still can’t make my own veggie burger. I did make this the other day and it was yummy!


English Muffins Sloppy Joe Style Quinoa Cakes:

English Muffin Red Quinoa with Black Beans, Corn Yellow Squash n Garlic Topped with soy cheese and yellow mustard!

This inspirational runner suggested I write a blog post about my pace improvement from this half marathon to this half marathon, ( 24 minutes faster) , but all my posts on here I would say are 99% inspired and comes from the heart, so I did not write that post. She is from Canada and I hope you stop by and read her blog today. She inspired me to run all this winter, when my complaint was 30 degrees and her toughness was running in -25.

I have not run a half marathon since becoming vegan, but I have ran this marathon and I have ran two ten miles runs at a pace and a way that in my opinion should be impossible for me right now.

The Start Of My Ten Mile Training Runs Before Becoming A Vegan:




From My Last Two Ten Mile Training Runs After Becoming A Vegan On Feb 25, 1014 :



The Facts:

In a period of tree months I went from  11-12 min mile to a 9 min mile.

I have endurance to keep my 9 mile pace the whole way through.

I feel strength I never felt before.

What Being Vegan Means To Me

Becoming vegan is my journey to self-love. I was paying someone to kill so I could eat. If I get faster because of it that is nice, but what is the most important thing is you have to ask yourself this…..


So I am loving myself and not eating these guys, they were not meant to be eaten by humans, but cared for with love. Taking this small stance, I notice it is having an effect on my whole life. I am seeking the honesty in everything I do.  

QOTD:  Being Vegan Can Make You A Faster Runner: Truth Or Myth?


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    Girl, I noticed your times getting faster and I have been meaning to ask you what you were doing! I cannot believe you improved that much in just 3 months. So you haven’t been doing any drills or following training plans?

    Maybe it’s the magic of the burdens you have left behind :) You are doing an awesome job. I am so slow and you give me some hope
    everydayasian recently posted…Springy 10 milesMy Profile

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    Hi! I’m a runner and relatively new vegan (about 3 months in) and my times have been getting inexplicably faster! I couldn’t figure it out until my fiance pointed out that it must be my eating habits. I used to be a vegetarian, too, and I’ve noticed a huge difference in how I feel and my power and speed over the last few months. It’s definitely working for me in the best possible way, and makes me feel like a better human all around :) I’m glad you’re loving it too, and I’m happy to have found your blog!

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