Going Vegan, Feeling Happier


Today I am challenging myself to go on a Vegan diet. There are a few problems with this though. I have high cravings for protein. Salmon and eggs are my two foods that have been doing the job for me. I am also on the go and it is not like they have a McDonald’s style vegan drive through joint. 

I am not going to sit here, lie and tell you I am doing this, because I care about animals, although I do to a point. My real reason is, because one of my Facebook friends Jessica from The Crunch Life,  and she said she felt amazing eating this way and I want to feel great to…if it is possible to feel any better than what I already feel like..hell sign me up! 

Again my body has a strong craving for protein. The daily 8-9 miles runs seem to deplete me of my nutrition and I need to figure out a way to refuel my body with the protein it craves. One thing about me I am not into beans! I need other options for protein.  

Great Posts I Am Reading To Help Me On My Journey: 

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What advice would you give someone switching to the Vegan Diet…or lifestyle rather? 


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    Yeah – with 8-9 mile runs you definitely need another source of protein. Have you tried lentils? They make a great soup and taste great. Plus, if you blend it you can totally throw in other legumes/beans for that extra oomph without altering the taste too much.
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    Good luck Caroline! I could never have that willpower, but then I don’t even have a desire to go vegetarian. Going Vegan I hear is tough. But those who do it, seem to really like it! I’ve read a few blog posts on it in the past, You might have to cut your running mileage down a bit until you can get your energy levels worked out as you adjust your body and stomach to it. Good luck, keep us posted on your journey to it!
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