My First Vegan Recipe: Vegan Brown Rice Goulash

First lets… 


My First Vegan Meal I Made For Myself…



yellow squash

vegan cheese

brown rice



bell peppers


 coconut palm sugar

sprouted quinoa

 chia flax-seed

This meal was inspired by Mandy and Jenny. Mandy gave me the idea to mix in the quinoa and other healthy seeds in my food and Jenny helped me with the rice and tofu idea. I was not sure about the taste since I am brand new to veganism, but let me tell you it turned out absolutely delicious. 

It was easy to just use Uncle Ben’s instant brown rice  throw in cilantro and left over tofu from yesterdays meal at Teaism. Next I chopped up the bell peppers…


Next I put the yellow squash to steam in the pot…


15 minutes later or so everything was ready to put on the plate. I mixed in coconut palm sugar sprouted quinoa chia flax-seed in the bell peppers and added chopped avocados. For the yellow squash I melted vegan cheese cheese on top and sprinkled a little coconut palm sugar for extra flavor which it didn’t really need because the squash was so yummy prior to putting everything else on top of it. And here is what I got…..


Along with that yesterday was a beautiful day for a 10 mile run, and today it is bitter cold, but I will just remember to do layers.

Do you remember your first vegan meal? 


    • linie38 says

      it is morally and ethically wrong to kill a living thing to eat or what ever world has in mind to use them for they are not an it…I care about the animals and promoting a cruelty free world…

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